AV Rentals

Equipment & Facility Rentals Add Flexibility

Not all organizations will use a projector or video conferencing system regularly to justify the cost of buying. AV Rentals offer an economical alternative.

Equipment rentals

Bizco rents top-of-the-line, multi-media projection systems to businesses within the contiguous United States. Depending on availability, there are several models to choose from. Contact Bizco for details or to reserve equipment.

Rental prices can be applied towards the purchase price of a system; some restrictions do apply. A major credit card is required for deposit.

Multi-media video conferencing room

The roll of the eyes, a quizzical look, or the shrug of the shoulders communicate much more than words alone. Yet the high cost of travel for a several hour meeting is hard to justify. Videoconferencing often provides the ideal solution—a “face-to-face” meeting at a fraction of the cost of travel expenses, and none of the hassles. Plus video conferences can be easily recorded for latter review or transcription.

Bizco has an excellent video conference facility available for rental. When you book our videoconferencing office, we help you set up and are available for technical support to assure your meeting goes smoothly.