Video Conferencing

Bizco video conferencing solutions utilize the audio and video world to bring people at different locations together for a single meeting. Typical uses range from a conversation between two people in their own private offices to meetings involving multiple people at different locations. Not only can videoconferencing consist of the audio and visual transmission of meetings taking place, but video conferencing can also be used to share computer-displayed information including presentations, documents and whiteboard sessions.  At Bizco, we pride ourselves on a job well done and we’re confident that we can meet all your video conferencing installation needs.  Simply contact one of our friendly sales people to put our experienced staff to work for you.

Distance Learning

Bizco’s Distance Learning installation and know-how is second to none.  Our solutions aim to deliver educational instruction to students who are not physically able to attend in the classroom.  Bizco’s goal is to provide a distance learning experience in such a way that the remote student can still experience a quality education equal to those inside the classroom. Ask your BIzco representative about this emerging technology and why it is quickly becoming so widely adopted in universities and institutions around the world.


Bizco’s Telehealth / Telemedicine solutions allow two health professionals to discuss a case over video conferencing. Telehealth enables remote access to specialty care, promotes rural telemedicine, teleconsultations, home health monitoring and more.  In addition to bringing distant professionals to life, a session can also be integrated with a wide variety of medical equipment enabling a valuable diagnostic and training tool.  Contact Bizco today to find out more.