Secure and stable storage strategies for small and medium sized businesses

Even the smallest of business can generate a huge amount of data, and that data has to go somewhere. So what are the options?

  • Direct attached storage (DAS): Devices connected to PCs or servers, usually via USB. Good information that’s frequently accessed.
  • Network attached storage (NAS): Devices that connect directly to the network and operate as a file server. Good for storing large files.
  • Cloud storage: Online storage that comes in public, private or hybrid configurations. Good for mobile access.
  • Offline media: Backing up data on tape drives, DVDs or Blu-rays sounds a bit old fashioned, but Google still back up Gmail on to tape as a last resort and Facebook has its Blu-ray Cold Storage Data Center. Good for archiving.

For most SMBs, a combination of these storage solutions will make up a good strategy, but figuring out the ideal combination can be challenging. SMBs need to analyze their storage needs closely, looking at which applications generate the most data, how quickly and from where most data needs to be accessed. They also need to assess how old the data is, if it’s being unnecessarily duplicated, and if it’s business related or operations related. Contact us today to learn what storage solution is best for you! Email or call 877-868-4461.

Accelerate your journey to hybrid and public cloud with CloudScape

Organizations embark on cloud migrations for a variety of reasons.
Whether it is to reduce their infrastructure cost, scalability or improve
their overall performance and time to market. One thing is certain,
migrating applications to the cloud is complex and requires careful
planning and information to get it right when you do decide to make a

Don’t know where to start? No problem.

You have been asked by your CIO to move some business applications
to the cloud. Now you are faced with the challenge of knowing where to
begin; what the impact of a potential move would have on your
organization’s infrastructure. CloudScape doesn’t make the application
move for you; it will do a lot of the legwork to get you started in putting
together an effective migration strategy. Cloudscape is the fastest way to
turn infrastructure data into migration decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Identify immediate opportunities: Start small and scale your application migrations by finding the best opportunities to migrate.
  • Best fit for cloud: Not all applications are created equally. CloudScape helps identify the most suitable applications for cloud.
  • Application Architecture Considerations: With CloudScape, you will have all the data needed to evaluate how the app is architected, the level of effort required to move it, what impact will moving to cloud have on demand.
  • Reduce Target Cloud Cost: Evaluate cost and resource requirements for public and private cloud by comparing the cost of
    running applications in target cloud environments.

“We were delivered a mapping of our application interdependencies, how they
talked to each other, the level of chatter, and we built that into our migration plan to help us
reduce dependencies on our direct connect link.” – Keith Hochberg Vice President, Compute and Cloud Services at Viacom

For more information contact Carl Steffens at 402.323.4805 or email Check out the 10 Critical Steps of Cloud Readiness here.


Four ways to enhance your endpoint security

It’s quite likely you use several devises, such as a smartphone and a laptop or desktop, and each of these represents an access point for threats. Endpoint security aims to secure these network ‘endpoints’ so that suspicious online activities are blocked at the point of entry.

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The Panasonic Toughpad A2 can handle whatever you throw at it and more

Panasonic announces the newest addition to the Toughbook family the new fully rugged 10.1” FZ-A2 Android Toughpad. Equipped with powerful enterprise class features, the FZ-A2 comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and Android for Work’s enterprise security built-in.  Continue reading

Benefits of Virtual CIO Services

VCIO Services offers an affordable and effective way to fill the CIO role. Learn more about 5 benefits of using a VCIO.

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Panasonic Releases the NEW Toughbook CF-33

Panasonic just added a new addition to the Toughbook family with the revolutionary CF-33. Inspired by the increasing demands of mobile professionals, the Toughbook 33 delivers rugged mobility in a highly customizable package that also includes a generation of backward compatibility. The nature of these jobs requires a laptop that’s thick and rugged, and in today’s world of versatile hybrid notebooks, consumer-facing devices simply don’t have this advantage. Boasting a magnesium alloy chassis and a fully rugged design, the Toughbook 33 is for those whose jobs require a laptop meeting military-grade MIL-STD-810G standards.  Continue reading

Are tech problems creating headaches or problems in your conference rooms?

 Maybe a refresh of your presentation technology can help!

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Bizco Mobile Device Management: Are your devices secure?

In 2014, over 2.1 million smartphones were stolen with 1 in 10 of phone theft victims reporting loss of confidential company data. Are your companies mobile devices equipped with the latest technology to keep this from happening?
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Do you know how to keep your computer safe?

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Why you’ll love the new Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display

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