News & Events:  Getting ready to migrate your IT estate to the Cloud?

Getting ready to migrate your IT estate to the Cloud?

If your company is like most companies, your IT infrastructure is extremely complex.  You’ve done your best to ensure security and disaster recovery are top priorities while simply keeping everyone connected with access to applications they need every day.  So now you’re interested in moving part or all of your IT estate to the cloud.  Where do you begin?

RISC Networks CloudScape Pro combines our enterprise-grade IT Analytics Platform with a professional services engagement to get you up and running quickly.  For one reasonable price you’ll be able to:

       – Evaluate level of effort for cloud migration

       – Determine cost to migrate all or part of your environment to cloud    

       – Understand performance issues and trends

       – Understand what you need for DR to the Cloud    

       – View server and application dependencies

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