Assessment Services

Internal Network Assessment

Bizco’s internal network assessment includes physical assessment of all discovered network devices as well as a state of the art agentless non invasive scan which assesses the current network based on industry best practices. This scan generates a full report provided to the client of all deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the domain environment from patching, antivirus, Active Directory health/summary, and recommendations for remediation. Also available with this assessment are follow-up/comparison scans with detailed report.

External Security Assessment

Bizco will perform network penetration testing utilizing acquired skills and techniques as well as automated tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in Client’s network and computer systems. This approach emulates the tactics used by an outsider attacker, with malicious intent, whose goal is to attempt to crack the security of network and computer systems. The penetration testing performed by Bizco will be undertaken according to the Rules of Engagement agreed upon by both parties. This task will be strictly governed by the agreed upon Rules of Engagement.

Business Continuity Assessment

Bizco’s Business Continuity Experts can determine your company’s status with an evaluation of current technologies in use and recommend a right fit solution based industry best practices with our state of the art Business Continuity Solutions.

Internal Security Assessment

Bizco will assess patching, antivirus, local user policy, password policy, remote connectivity to workstations/servers, VPN connections, and other third party software/bloatware on machines. This service includes the Internal Network Assessment with the addition of manual inspection of configuration on firewall, workstation, and servers on the network.