News & Events:  Latest Technology for Meter Reading, Mapping, and more

Latest Technology for Meter Reading, Mapping, and more

As you may already know, many Utility and Field Service companies use rugged and semi-rugged devices for mapping, inventory management, and meter reading.  With several new form-factors available for testing, I’ve listed some of the most commonly requested devices below for your review.  Please reach out if you would like to see a demo or set up a meeting to discuss:

  • Semi-rugged Fujitsu devices here are certified to handle drops from up to 3 feet. See the full specs, security features and integrated options for 4G LTE and more on the spec sheet here.
  • Water and Sewage workers may need something more durable. The fully rugged and detachable CF-33 here is a 2-in-1 device that fits applications for both laptop and tablets needs. It can also be docked in the office to replicate on desktop monitors.  For a full list of other Panasonic products including handhelds with barcode readers and voice capabilities, see the utilities product family brochure here.
  • Are you an Apple user? Bizco is an authorized supplier of iPad devices and can support with the cases, mobile device management and the surrounding accessories you need to stay up and running.    

Productivity often hinges on staying connected to email and software applications. NetMotion helps identify the fastest connections in the field, and seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi and 4G connections to reduce data overages, improve network visibility, and ultimately keep workers connected.