News & Events:  Network issues can account for up to a 30% loss of productivity

Network issues can account for up to a 30% loss of productivity


When workers log back into their e-mail, GIS software, and CRM after network coverage fails, it can equal up to 30% off lost work time.  Jacksonville Electric eliminated this headache by adding NetMotion Mobility to their infrastructure. You can see the details of how maintaining continuous data connections improved their productivity and response time here.  

Take-aways for utility customers:

  • NetMotion Mobility delivers reliable and SECURE access to business applications.
  • Seamless failover capabilities ensure that during natural disasters or server hardware failures, NetMotion users stay connected to software tools that require internet access.
  • Persistent network connections means more up-time in the field and less frustration. You can read the NetMotion Utilities brief for more information.

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