Omaha, NE Location

Bizco Omaha

Bizco Technologies Omaha, NE
3925 S. 147th Street Suite 109
Omaha, NE 68144




Omaha from the North
Take I-680 South to the W Center Road Exit, Exit, 1.
Take the W Center Rd exit, EXIT 1, toward US-275/NE-92/I-L-Q Sts.
Merge onto W Center Rd/NE-38
Turn left onto S 144th St.
Turn right onto F St.
Turn right onto S 147th St.
You will see a sign for Altech Plaza with Bizco on it, take a right into the parking lot, and continue straight until you run into a set of buildings. Bizco is Suite 109.

Omaha from the South
Get on I-80 E in Waverly from N 84th St and US-6 E
Follow I-80 E to NE-50 N/S 144th St in Richland VIII. Take exit 440 from I-80 E
Follow S 144th St to F Street.
Take a left on F Street
Take a right on S 147th St
Follow the curve around, past your first right, and you’ll see an Altech Plaza Sign with Bizco in. Take a right into the parking lot, continue straight through the lot, Bizco Technologies is Suite 109.