Blog:  Why you’ll love the new Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display

Why you’ll love the new Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display

Are you looking to make the change from analog to digital? We have the perfect seamless approach for you! There’s no denying the elite style the new Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display will bring to your office! Keeping your office and facility up to date can be challenging, but our experienced team of Audio Visual Designers and Project Managers are here to help you execute your dream plans!

Why is it the best?
• The interactive display seamlessly integrates with and leverages your existing infrastructure and software investments.
• It works great with your existing video conferencing and AV control systems.
• Directly annotate and save within PowerPoint without having to use or purchase a third party overlay or application.
• Up to 100 participants can view and participate in a presentation while in the same room or remotely through VPN using tablets, smartphones or computers.

With the Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display, you will have the top capabilities for your presentations. This is much more than your typical interactive white board. The highly responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same touch screen at the same time, making collaboration a breeze. Partnered with the Sharp Touch Display Link Software, which enables multifaceted wireless communication, the AQUOS BOARD is the perfect tool of technology for you!
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By: Nate Wagner, Account Manager, Bizco Technologies