Protect the noise-
Bizco offers cutting-edge sound masking.

Sound Masking

Keep private conversations from being heard with sound masking.

Sound Masking

For optimal productivity, you need to minimize distractions. Don’t settle for costly wall installation to keep the noise down—Bizco’s sound masking systems blanket your entire facility with white noise for ultimate speech privacy. Keep distractions to a minimum by reducing the intelligibility of day-to-day interactions and side conversations. We work within the confines of your space to provide a customized solution for your sound masking solution. Reach out to Bizco today and give your team the comforting, quiet environment they need to get their work done.


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Frequent noise distractions and side-chatter can harm productivity, increase turnover due to difficult working conditions, and make your space less comforting for employees. Bizco partners with Lencore and Cambridge Sound to turn your environment from noisy and chaotic to calm and quiet. Our white noise machines and ambient background sound generators reduce the decibel level of your space to improve productivity and keep your space conducive to diligent work. More cost-effective than building a wall, office sound masking machines are the best way to keep everyone on task.

Embrace the silence

Sound masking technology keeps your office quiet and productive.

Customized Solutions for Your Office

Bizco’s comprehensive sound masking systems are the best way to reduce the distractions in your office without putting a dent in your budget. Choose Bizco and keep the productivity high.