Managed Services


BizProactive includes monitoring of all available services and processes within our fully managed agreements. Automated Patch Management, Antivirus Scanning and Updating with scheduled automatic restarts of systems under management are included as agreed upon during the on-boarding phase or start of the agreement.

All remediation of errors, alerts, and notifications are billable at the time and materials rate defined in the agreement.

Available services include : Server Stability and Performance Monitoring/Notification of Unusual Events, Automated Microsoft Patch Management, Remote Support, Virus Definition Monitoring, Spyware Monitoring, Daily Firewall Monitoring, Daily Backup Monitoring, Executive Summary Reporting, After Hours on Call Access, and Client Portal Access.


BizRemote allows the Bizco team to remotely access your network and provide support over the phone. This allows for quick troubleshooting and problem solving quickly without waiting for a technician to arrive on-site.
Includes: BizMonitoring


BizServe provides regularly scheduled on-site visits so our service team gets to know your network inside and out. This proactive service enables us to identify potential problems before they start. This service includes monitoring, remote and on-site support.
Includes: BizMonitoring & BizRemote

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