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Managed Services

Looking for an all-inclusive IT solution?

Monitoring and Management

Stop wasting time trying to get multiple vendors on the same page; Bizco provides managed IT services including network monitoring, automated patch management, antivirus scanning, and system updates all built around your business. The functionality of your network on a day-to-day basis shouldn’t be a headache—with Bizco, you’ll be collaborating with a highly-certified engineer and VCIO for optimal network efficiency. Bizco offers on-call helpdesk assistance and billable 24/7 monitoring, so you always know you are protected.

Customized, managed IT services tailored to your needs.

Bizco provides comprehensive IT support at an affordable price.

Is Your Current IT Partner Delivering the Support That You Need?

Why settle for an IT solution that only satisfies one area of your business? You need a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that can handle any task that pertains to your technology—the more versatile your partner in crime, the easier it is for you to focus on doing what you do best. Information technology isn’t something that you can gloss over. It needs to be one of the central focuses of your budgeting and long-term planning and should be incorporated into your daily processes as frequently as necessary. Luckily for our clients, Bizco offers a diverse range of services designed to optimize your technology for seamless, highly-efficient performance.

Security Training

Your staff is more often than not the only thing standing between you and a cyberattack. Sure, you probably (hopefully) have a cybersecurity solution in place, but it certainly behooves your company to make sure that your team is up-to-date on what they can do to prevent a cyber attack. Bizco can train your staff so that they’re always prepared.

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Disaster Recovery Services

What does your IT solution look like when disaster strikes? Make sure that you’re always staying out in front of the issue with comprehensive disaster recovery services. Bizco can help you prepare so that you minimize downtime and keep repair costs low.

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Cloud Computing

Have you looked into cloud computing yet? If you haven’t, you’re putting your company’s technology at a disadvantage. Bizco can help you install a cloud service that fits seamlessly with what you’re looking to accomplish—whether it’s reliable data backup or comprehensive software updates, Bizco is there for you. We offer a variety of solutions including private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid cloud storage applications.

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Network Installations

Make sure that your network solution is ready to go as soon as you move into a new office. Bizco can help you with server migration, cabling, and VCIO coordination.

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IT Product Procurement

Is your technology optimized to help you achieve your long-term business objectives and streamline your daily processes? Finding technology that makes sense for your budget can be a huge ordeal without a qualified partner. Bizco can help you find the perfect hardware for what you want to achieve. We get to the root of what you want to accomplish so that the solution we provide is ideal for your environment.

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Bizco Managed Security

Is your current cybersecurity keeping your network protected? Bizco offers comprehensive managed security solutions, including frequent updates and remote monitoring solutions. We’ll keep your network protected, no matter what.

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Unified Communications

Does your team have trouble keeping in contact when someone’s working remotely? Do you suffer from frequent miscommunications, stemming from ill-equipped technology? Bizco can optimize your entire communication and collaboration platform and give you the tools that you need to work together effectively.

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