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Wireless Network Solutions

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Wireless Network Solutions

Bizco’s customized wireless network solutions are designed with your specific network in mind for optimal flexibility. We understand that not every office operates with a one-size-fits-all network. That’s why we provide mesh network solutions so you can include visiting clients, guests, and anyone else who’s not regularly on your network. We collaborate with leading wireless network providers like Aruba and Ubiquiti, to offer customized and secure internal network services for your office. For an hourly rate, you can receive the same quality network solutions that we’ve been providing for our clients for over two decades.

Find the Right Service for Your Network

We provide indoor and outdoor options that suit your space perfectly. We offer a broad range of services from Aruba Networks and Ubiquiti Networks to give your network the scope that it needs to handle guest users and new devices. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Secure internal network solutions
  • Full-mesh network service
  • Guest wireless options
  • Captive portals for guest users
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device networks

Looking to go wireless?

Streamline your wireless network with Bizco!

Customized Wireless Solutions

Bizco’s wireless solutions are designed with your specific network in mind to give you the flexible, reliable service your business and patrons need. Don’t settle for a provider that offers a solution that doesn’t cater directly to your network. At Bizco, our goal is always to find the solution that works for you. Reach out today and see how our team can provide a wireless solution that makes the most sense for your business.